Professional Slab Cutting Services in Dubai

Providing high-quality and accurate Slab Cutting Services to your structure and buildings. We understand how important precision is in cutting slabs for complex projects. Whether you require to demolish sections of your structure for the installation of various utilities and fixtures, we have you covered. That is why we employ diamond segments to efficiently cut through concrete, steel, marble, wood, and various foundations with attention to detail. With minimized harm to the environment get your slab cutting with accurate dimensions and measurements now! We utilize the best tactics to address all the underlying concerns to your slab-cutting process, achieving your tailored needs.

Reliable Concrete Cutting Services in Dubai

We provide highly dependable concrete slab cutting services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Efficiently cutting manageable sizes to your structure to fit your unique demands without affecting the foundation of the structure. We utilize diamond saws to cut down through the segments of your concrete. Then we apply water for dust management to prevent harmful environmental effects. Additionally, employing air scrubbers and vacuum systems to minimize dust scattering and carry out a clean process. Along with top-notch cutting and cooling processes with cutting concrete slabs, we bring clean results. Our services also incorporate making your structure presentable and suitable for various endeavors.
Professional Slab Cutting Services in Dubai
Professional Slab Cutting Services in Dubai

Benefits of Concrete Slab Cutting Machine

Demolition Contractors cater to various benefits during your slab-cutting endeavors. We efficiently manage your project in compliance with safety guidelines. Accurately using various equipment and machinery to cut through your concrete, steel, and masonry. Our cutting post-tension concrete slab
allows enhancing and modifying your structure layout for desired outcomes. Moreover, we implement solid sound barriers and various other equipments to minimize sound production during your slab-cutting process. We also utilize efficient waste management tactics and procedures. With timely disposals, we manage your waste products preventing concrete and slurry from impacting the environment and being water pollutants. Thus we ensure environmentally friendly outcomes with our slab cutting services Dubai.

Why Chose Slab Cutting Contractors in Dubai

With over a decade of experience in precisely cutting through concrete, steel, wood, and more, without causing damage to the structures, is what makes our Slab Cutting contractors in Dubai the best choice. We Leveraged our concrete-cutting services and Core Drilling to 150+ clients. We specialize in pinpoint marking the dimensions before carrying out the slab-cutting process without errors. We know your needs and what should be the best equipment to be utilized to achieve them. Employing robust concrete slab cutting machines for your demolition projects. We deliver results on time, without delays or issues with quality results.


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For cutting a trench in a concrete slab the right choice of equipment is first made, depending upon the scale of project. Then we put on the preventive gear and prepare your concrete slab by making 1.5-inch guide cuts with a saw. The blade is then set to rest for 30-45 seconds as it might get hot. Adjusting the depth of the blade according to the requirement, we go over the guide cuts with consistent control. We then remove the concrete between the points with a sledgehammer with accurate results.
We utilize the most effective way of cutting an existing concrete slab by using diamond segments. The diamond blades offer the strength that is required to cut the concrete while water is added consistently to prevent the spreading of dust in air.
Yes, cutting a concrete slab could be necessary for the installation of various utilities and fixtures. Precision is necessary to get the exact results with minimized effect to structural integrity.
The cutting price range varies according to the type of concrete used and the depth of the cut made in the concrete slab. It may vary from $20 for 100mm depth to $30-$50 for 300mm.
The cutting price of the concrete slab-cutting process may vary by an average of 50 AED to 200 AED per square meter to cut down a concrete slab depending on the scope of the cutting project.

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Are you looking for slab-cutting services for stone, concrete, or cutting marble slabs in Dubai? Then we are your top choice. So reach out to us, as we provide the following deliverables with tailored outcomes.